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The Lancet Oncology (Canadian Edition)

Global Circulation

upon request

upon request
Average Monthly Visits 232,191
TOC Email Open Rate 16.90%
Canadian oncologists and hematologists

Journal Overview

  • Global Circulation: Available upon request
  • Issuance: Monthly
  • Specialty: Oncology/Hematology
  • Audience Canadian oncologists and hematologists
  • Editor-in-Chief David Collingridge, PhD
  • Overview THE LANCET Oncology, published monthly, provides oncology-related specialists with something truly rare and valuable—definitive coverage of all aspects of oncology from around the world—in a single, highly readable source. For our advertisers, this high profile journal provides an excellent platform from which to advertise your products and services relevant to the oncology professional. We are confident that The new LANCET Oncology: Canadian Edition is the first place Canadian oncology-related specialists look when investigating well-respected opinion, news and reviews, or the latest in important clinical trials.
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Print Advertising

  • Print Closings & Bonus Distribution
    Print Closings Dates
    Volume/Issue Publication date Print space closing date Print materials deadline Inserts due
    22/1 January 2021 11/25/2020 12/2/2020 12/11/2020
    22/2 February 2021 12/31/2020 1/6/2021 1/15/2021
    22/3 March 2021 1/29/2021 2/3/2021 2/12/2021
    22/4 April 2021 2/26/2021 3/3/2021 3/12/2021
    22/5 May 2021 3/26/2021 3/31/2021 4/9/2021
    22/6 June 2021 4/30/2021 5/5/2021 5/14/2021
    22/7 July 2021 5/27/2021 6/2/2021 6/11/2021
    22/8 August 2021 7/1/2021 7/7/2021 7/16/2021
    22/9 September 2021 7/30/2021 8/4/2021 8/13/2021
    22/10 October 2021 8/26/2021 8/31/2021 9/10/2021
    22/11 November 2021 10/1/2021 10/6/2021 10/15/2021
    22/12 December 2021 10/29/2021 11/3/2021 11/12/2021
    Bonus Distribution

    Contact your sales representative for more details.

  • Rates (US Dollars)
    1/2 PAGE
    1x CAD$4,375 CAD$1,225
    6x CAD$4,300 CAD$1,215
    12x CAD$4,210 CAD$1,195


    Fair Balance (FB) B/W Rate

      1x CAD$1,215
      6x CAD$1,205
      12x CAD$1,185


    Premium Positions

    Outside Back Cover: CAD$5,960
    Inside Front Cover: CAD$5,555
    Inside Back Cover: CAD$4,885
    Opposite TOC: CAD$4,885

    Cover Tips

    Contact your sales representative for rates and opportunities Client Provided (Standard 2-sided; please contact your sales representative for larger unit pricing)


    Contact your sales representative for rates and opportunities Client Provided (Up to 4 pages; please contact your sales representative for larger unit pricing)

    Advertising Discount

    Rates are based on the total units earned during a twelve-month period. Space purchased by a parent company and its subsidiaries is combined to determine earned rate.
    AGENCY DISCOUNT 15% - All rates in print are GROSS, except those that marked as Net.

  • For Contracts, Insertion Orders & Production Materials
    • Bianca Diorio
    • (t) 212-633-3714
    • (f) 212-633-3846

Digital Advertising

  • Rates
    Banner Ads — Journal Website

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    Banner Ads — Table of Contents (TOC) Email

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  1. All rates in digital are NET.
  2. Digital campaigns (including banner ads on journal website and Table of Contents email) lasting 8 weeks or shorter are subject to 20% premium charge to regular CPM/flat fee.
  3. Minimum purchase for banner ads on journal website: USD $2,500/contract.
  4. See Digital Specs for detailed specifications.


Print Production Specifications
  • Mechanical Specifications
    Trim: 210mm x 276mm (Global), 8.25" x 10.875" (US)
    Keep live matter 1/4" from all trim edges.
    Full Page (Global)186mm x 260mm220mm x 292mm
    Spread (Global)400mm x 260mm430mm x 292mm
    Full Page (US)7.75" x 10.375"8.5" x 11.125"
    Spread (US)15" x 10"16-3/4" x 11.125"
    1/2 Horizontal (US)7" x 5"8.5" x 5.6875"
    1/2 Vertical (US)3.5" X 10"4.375" X 11.125"
    Perfect; -
    Printing Process:
    Halftone Screen:
    Cover: - Text: -
  • Print Ad Specifications
    File Format

    PDF or PDF/X-1a compliant files, saved as PDF version 1.3.

    Transparencies within the supplied PDF(s) will be warned. The transparent elements contained in your file(s) must be converted within the native layout application or flattened in Acrobat using the High Resolution Flattener Presets to avoid overprint issues.

    Saving your PDF to Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) compatibility will ensure transparent elements are flattened. If the ad contains spot colors that are not converted to process colors (CMYK) before flattening, overprint and/or trap issues may occur.

    The following layout applications yield the optimum results for creating a print-compliant PDF and are expected to follow all requirements listed in this document:

    • InDesign version 2 or higher (CS preferred)
    • QuarkXPress version 6.5 or higher

    Additional costs may apply if problems are encountered.

    NOTE: When using Adobe Illustrator it is preferred to have all fonts converted to outline/paths, and files submitted as EPS files.


    All high-resolution images and fonts must be included. TIFF & EPS files must conform to the following minimum resolution specifications:

    • Grayscale and Color images: 300 dpi
    • Combination Grayscale and Color images: 500-900 dpi
    • Line art (Bitmap) images: 900-1200 dpi

    Higher image resolutions are acceptable as they exceed the minimum requirements, but in some cases unnecessary resolution will be discarded to achieve smaller file sizes.


    Use of PostScript Type 1 fonts is encouraged. Include fonts for any embedded graphics. DO NOT use Type 3 or Multiple Master fonts. Avoid using Macintosh menu-stylized fonts, Macintosh "city" fonts (Chicago, Geneva, etc.) and Microsoft Outlook fonts (Tahoma, Impact, etc.).

    Page Layout

    Regardless of the file format supplied, all ads must conform to the following specifications:

    • Final size must meet journal trim size and include 1/8" bleed image on all four sides.
    • Files will include trim marks with a minimum 3/16" offset
    • No content is to be within 1/4" of all trim edges.
    • Supply as single page files only
    • Right Reading, Portrait Mode, 100% size, No Rotation.
    • All fonts and graphics must be either embedded or included with the files and conform to the format type listed above. Images must also conform to the specifications above for minimum image resolution.
    • All color ads should be supplied as composite files.
    • Reverse type should be no less than 6pt. Fine lettering (thin lines, serifs) should be restricted to one color.
    • Embedded images should not be scaled, cropped/masked or rotated within the page layout application but instead should be manipulated in a proper image editing program (ex. Photoshop) and then imported into the page layout program at proper size and position.
    • DO NOT nest EPS files within EPS files.
    • All lines and line art images should be of a minimum 1/3 pt thickness (1/2 pt for reverses) at final size to reproduce effectively on press.
    • Crop marks and SWOP color bars must be included and positioned 1/2" outside trim.

    Color Space

    All color images and files are to be supplied as CMYK with a Total Area Coverage (TAC) not to exceed 300% for the darkest area of an image. Files supplied as RGB will be automatically converted to CMYK.

    Spot Colors

    Spot colors are to be identified using the standard Pantone naming convention and not a custom color such as "Dark Blue." PMS colors will be converted to process unless otherwise specified. When using both art and layout programs be sure spot color naming is consistent in all applications (ex. Do not define both PMS 201CV and PMS 201CVC).

    Trapping and Screening

    Overprints and knockouts should be defined. Files are NOT to be trapped or prescreened. Our Prepress service provider will use industry recognized trapping software to auto-trap your files for optimum performance and reproduction on press and will apply the appropriate screening. Note that these trap settings may force small text and fine graphics to overprint to hold registration on press.


    All color ads require a SWOP-certified contract color proof, which includes a SWOP proofing bar or a GATF proof comparator. All proofs must be produced from the final file submitted. Proofs must be imaged at 100% scale and in accordance with SWOP specifications. For a list of current SWOP-approved proofs visit Proofs generated from any of the approved devices are acceptable. Desktop inkjet printer proofs do not meet SWOP specifications. Elsevier cannot guarantee color match unless acceptable proof is provided. If a contract color proof is not supplied Elsevier will run to standard ink densities and dot gains. Revised proofs must be supplied whenever a text or design change is made. Any alteration to a file will require output of a new proof at cost to the customer. All black & white or grayscale ads supplied require 100% size lasers for confirmation of ad content.

    Media/ Delivery
    • CD-ROM/ISO 9660 Format or DVD
    • All media must be properly identified with the following information:
    • Journal Title
    • Issue date
    • Advertiser
    • Agency Name & address (for returned material[s])
    • Contact name & phone
    • Include printout directory listing of media contents
    • File type and format

    Contact Elsevier ad sales coordinator for alternate file delivery.

    Conformance to Specs

    Variances from the above specifications may not yield results that conform to Elsevier quality control standards.

    Insert Requirements 
    , furnish folded to
    1/8” trimmed off top, bottom, gutter and face. Keep all live matter 1/4” from all trim edges. Note that a ½” safety must also be applied to both sides of the gutter/spine.
    For 2 page 80# text preferred; 4 to 8 pages – 60# text minimum; 80# text maximum. Inserts that do not meet these minimum/maximum weights must be sent to the publisher two weeks prior to advertising close date for evaluation and print compatibility.
    Same as ad space closing
    See Insert due dates
    All inserts must be submitted to Publisher for approval of stock, design and other mechanical specifications.
    Copy of insert must accompany insertion order
    Note: Failure to meet insert specifications & packaging guidelines may result in additional charges and/or delays with insertion.
    Insert Quantity
    For conference copy distribution, contact Ad Sales Services.
     Insert Packing & Shipping Instructions
    Inserts packed one up, folded if four pages, flat if two pages. All inserts must be delivered to the printer in cartons, with journal title, quantity, product & issue date (month/year) clearly marked. If shipping inserts for more than one issue date, inserts must be packed separately and clearly marked indicating journal title, issue date (month/year) and quantity.
    The Lancet Oncology (Canadian Edition)
    PTM Health
    20 Torbay Road
    Markham, Ontario L3R 1G6
    ATTN: Judy Santacroce
    Disposition of Reproduction Materials
    All digital ad files will be held for twelve months only unless otherwise notified. Left over inserts will be held until the issue mails. After issue mailing is completed any unused inserts for that issue will be destroyed unless otherwise indicated on the insertion order. Excess inserts held in storage beyond completion of insertion date will be subject to storage charges.

    For Contracts, Insertion Orders & Production Materials
    • Bianca Diorio
    • (t) 212-633-3714
    • (f) 212-633-3846
Digital Specifications
  • Creative Sizes and Specification
    • Journal Website Banner Advertising
      Creative Sizes
      728 x 90
      Journal pages

      Above journal banner and logo, set to display on all non-content journal pages (content pages = abstract and full text articles*)

      NOTE: Leaderboard can be configured to load on full-text and abstract pages on journal-by-journal basis only. This is not an automatic placement so a special request must be made. Ad will appear on all abstract and FT pages (for all issues).

      Wide Skyscraper:
      160 x 600
      Journal pages

      Right hand column of journal page, displays on all non-content pages (content pages = abstract and full text articles*)

      Large Rectangle:
      300 x 250
      Journal pages

      Bottom center of the page, displays on HOMEPAGE only (content pages = abstract and full text articles*)

      * Generic list of non-content pages available upon request though will vary by journal

      Desktop/Tablet 150kB, Mobile (mWeb or In-App) 40kB
      200K max
      Animated GIF:
      Max 3 loops of animation – up to 15 seconds per loop
      Required Resolution:
      72 dpi
      Acceptable File Format:
      GIF, JPEG
      Rich Media and HTML5:
      Yes. Supplied as 3rd party tags only
      Target URL:

      Rich Media Expanding & HTML In-Page Ads*

      Expanded (wXh pixels)728X315600X250300X600
      Expand direction Down Right Left
      Initial size150 KB150 KB150 KB
      Subsequent size2.2 MB2.2 MB2.2 MB
      Back-up GIF200 KB200 KB200 KB
      Animation15 seconds or
      3 loops of 5 seconds
      15 seconds or
      3 loops of 5 seconds
      15 seconds or
      3 loops of 5 seconds
      Max video file sizeN/AN/AN/A
      Expansion methodOn clickOn clickOn click
      Hotspot requirementsNot to exceed 1/4 size
      of original ad
      Not to exceed 1/4 size
      of original ad
      Not to exceed 1/4 size
      of original ad
      Close button requirements8pt - 16 pt
      (11px - 21px)
      8pt - 16 pt
      (11px - 21px)
      8pt - 16 pt
      (11px - 21px)

      *Rich media expanding and HTML in-page ads are subject to approval and testing. Creative must be received 5 business days before launch.

      Additional Notes:
      • Third party tags must be SSL compliant
      • Ads served via  DFP by Google
    • Table of Contents (TOC) Email Banner Advertising
      Creative Sizes
      Wide Skyscraper:
      160 x 600
      200K max
      Required Resolution:
      72 dpi
      Acceptable File Format:
      .gif or .jpg
      Rich Media:
      Target URL:
      3rd Party Tags:


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Derek Zakaib

Tel: 514-730-8837Fax: 514-697-1474

Derek Zakaib

Tel: 514-730-8837Fax: 514-697-1474

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Derrick Imasa

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