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How Customer Data Platforms Can Transform MedTech Marketing

September 16, 2022

A customer data platform (CDP) is a data collection system that brings customer data together from various online sources. A CDP takes the data, “normalizes” it and presents the data as a unique profile for each buyer. As marketing becomes more personalized, and more data about customers is shared, the CDP is expected to become a critical tool in improving marketing efforts. Patients and providers expect MedTech companies to understand their pain points and personalize their marketing efforts to provide value. CDP platforms enable marketers to do just that with a streamlined and unified view of each customer.

Here is why customer data platforms are transforming healthcare marketing now and into the future.

How do CDPs Work?

CDPs unify data through integrations to give you a complete picture, or 360-degree view, of your target audience members. In some cases, you can use a custom-built architecture to gather and organize your data, or you can choose out-of-the-box integrations to minimize IT involvement.

According to the CDP Institute, a “real CDP” should be able to:

  • Take in data from any source
  • Capture the full detail of absorbed data
  • Create a unified profile of each identified individuals
  • Share data with other systems
  • Respond to new data and profile requests in real time

 CDPs Help Deliver Personalized Experiences

Customer expectations for medical marketers have never been higher. As healthcare becomes an even more connected ecosystem, brands need to evolve into the role of a trusted partner.

Doing so requires understanding customer behaviors. To do this, you need integrated software and services that connect, distribute, and organize data to deliver better marketing performance.

Ultimately, unifying and sharing data helps you personalize and execute a superior brand experience to prospects and customers. Plus, many manual marketing activities can be automated with the use of CDPs, streamlining your marketing workflows.

CDPs Extend Collaboration Across the Organization

A CDP’s benefits are not limited to marketing alone. It can also be used to share data with multiple departments to give them a better understanding of their customers. Sales and customer service teams, for example, can use CDP profiles to better engage with your customers.

This expanded collaboration between traditionally siloed departments help support business needs across multiple functional areas. Across your organization, unified customer data can drive product innovation, financial decision-making and more. Plus, customers get a more consistent, rewarding customer experience.

Transform Your Marketing Efforts with a CDP

Customer expectations have never been higher. Empowered physicians want marketing efforts geared towards their needs, not just aimed at the general population of providers and payers. CDPs offer you a powerful tool to understand and target every customer type with more personalized engagements across the entire customer journey.


Article Written by Alex Brown 

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