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ARTICLE | August 11, 2022

Improving Pharma Digital Product Launches

Since the start of COVID, many pharmaceutical brands were forced to quickly pivot to using digital channels for product launches. In many industries, such a pivot has resulted in innovation and growth. Recent research shows that is not the case for pharma. For some, digital product launches have been critical to ensuring that both healthcare professionals and patients are effectively introduced to new offerings. However, pharma marketers as a whole  have struggled to create success. A recent report published by Graphite and Reuters Events shows that the pharma industry has failed to make a successful pivot to digital. Only 4% of digital product launches are successful, even though 91% of company leaders agree they are critical to adding value to healthcare professionals as well as the overall customer experience. What can you do to increase your odds of success for your next digital launch? Read on to see our top three tips for improving your launch.

Use Predictive Analytics to Improve the Patient Journey

Real-world datasets are critical to ensure you create a launch that meets the needs of both providers and patients. Analytics are vital for deeper insights into the patient journey and will help you identify where your drug or treatment will provide the best clinical outcomes.

Leading pharma companies analyze data to map a patient journey with real customer behavior rather than feedback alone. Companies can get a more accurate picture with a data-driven approach that enables them to see what is going on in the market and how the patient journey changes over time. Predictive models help marketers pinpoint who will benefit from their treatment most and help provide clarity in previous blind spots of the patient journey.

Update Customer Lists

Most pharma companies have their customer target list before they launch their product. They continue to use the same list to make decisions, even if there are changes in market conditions. To improve launch performance, however, brands must adapt to a changing market.

Marketers should continually reevaluate and update their contact lists to glean better insights, delve deeper and gain a more nuanced view of their target audience. Dynamic targeting, offered by leading marketing stacks, provides brand managers with the most authentic insights into unmet needs of providers and patients.

Create Patient-Centric Content with Video

A big issue that healthcare providers face is not creating product materials with the patient in mind. Most materials are full of overly complex language with medical jargon that is not much use to patients. While physicians understand the points made in medical publications, the critical information is lost on patients.

Given that patients are taking a more active role in their health, marketing materials centered around patient needs are crucial. Digital content should be developed with patient comprehension in mind.

Patient education videos are one way to provide accessible information that will help increase patient understanding. Research shows that 69% of consumers prefer to learn about products through video and 94% of marketers say video helps increase consumer understanding.

Don’t Let Your Digital Launch Go Flat

Digital launches are a recent territory that requires new strategies and tactics over traditional methods. Marketers trying to fit old models into their digital launches find success difficult. However, leveraging technology to reach the patient will help companies get new levels of success online.

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Article Written by: Alex Brown