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ARTICLE | September 5, 2023

Tips to Integrate Video into Your Pharma Branding Strategy

Video marketing can be a powerful strategy for engaging customers, especially in medicine. Healthcare professionals (HCP) are increasingly viewing videos to gain industry-related information and to learn about new therapies. In fact, 38% of physicians said they regularly view videos and subscribe to channels for professionals online.

As video becomes more popular as a research tool, it’s important to publish company branding as well as product videos. So let’s look at some tips to integrate video into your pharma branding strategy.


Consistency Across all Video Campaigns

Branding consistency is key in building trust and driving engagement over time. Marketers should ensure all videos align in the following areas:

  • Colors
  • Soundtrack
  • Visuals
  • Wording
  • Tone

Additionally, your videos should be consistent with your overall branding strategy and support storylines used in other media.


Use Different Types of Content

While branding themes should be consistent, publishing a variety of video content enables brand managers to “cross cultivate” audience interests. HCPs often explore a variety of content before gaining confidence in a brand. To meet this characteristic, create videos that showcase your pharma company with content such as:

  • Case studies
  • Patient and doctor testimonials
  • Disease awareness
  • Explainer videos
  • Collaboration videos with influencers


Stick to a Single Objective for Each Campaign

Time is valuable for healthcare professionals. Thus, it is important to create videos that will be easily digestible for this busy audience. Keep videos brief (5-10 minutes) and save the deep dives for webinars and other long-form content options.

The challenge will be to adequately cover your subject matter within a limited time window. One way to meet this challenge is to provide the most critical information to your audience in the first minute or two. This helps to accomplish two objectives: 1) capture attention quickly and 2) convince the viewer to continue to the end.

 If a certain topic is complex, consider creating a series of videos with each covering a segment of that topic.


Share Videos Through Multiple Channels

Repurposing and reusing your video content is a critical way to obtain a higher ROI on your content. While YouTube and your website are important venues for your videos, don't stop there.

For example, social media algorithms favor video over static content -- you can increase viewership by posting on your brand’s profile. Another tactic is to either embed or link to videos in your email campaigns. You can even run paid ad campaigns to route HCPs to your website or YouTube channel.

Finally, search engines are another effective way to garner views. According to one source, video provides a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine result pages.


Enhance Your Brand with Video

Video has become a key method of reaching and engaging healthcare professionals. As 2024 dawns, now is a good time to develop and execute a solid video marketing plan. By using video as part of your overall marketing strategy, you can educate HCPs about your brand, its products, its people, and more.


Article Written by Alex Brown