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Learn how business and communications professionals have been successful in leveraging Elsevier’s wide range of opportunities for pharma and life sciences marketing outreach.

The New Era of HCP Engagement

The New Era of HCP Engagement (2021)

Based on a survey of 200+ marketing and medical affairs leaders in pharma and biotech companies, our latest industry trends report (in partnership with Reuters Events Pharma) explores how the accelerating changes and fast emerging trends post-Covid in marketing, commercial and medical affairs are affecting and will continue to affect budget and resource allocation in the near future.

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Trends in Pharma Marketing Research (September 2020)

Panel research conducted by Elsevier in the summer of 2020 with 134 pharma professionals from Europe, US, and Asia Pacific assessed pharma customers interest and investments in various promotional channels, educational tools, and content strategies from 2020-2024. Dive into the numbers with the full survey results.

Pharma Advertising Research Survey (June 2020)

This 2020 study shows clinicians’ behaviour and attitudes towards scientific journals and its advertising, as well as the influence that advertising has on their practice. Dive into the numbers with the full "Advertising and Publication Research 2020" survey results.

Use and Perception of Scientific Medical Reprints Survey (Reprints Panel Research 2019)

90% of physicians say reprints are useful for their practice and a reliable source of information. 83% of physicians in APAC read medical articles in reprint format. Find out what’s happening in your region: dive into the numbers with the full survey results.