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Article Service Demonstration

Learn more about Elsevier's Article Service Platform in this short video.

Physicians are Online

Elsevier physician 2021 and 2019 surveys reveal trends and changes in physicians’ use of online resources and social media before and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Credibility is Key

When it comes to leveraging online resources, the majority of the physicians surveyed in both 2019 and 2021 said ‘’credibility is key’’, along with up-to-date information and ease of use.

The Importance of Connection

How the 2021 survey showed that Covid-19 restrictions have consolidated the shift to digital content, particularly the rise of webinars.

How Doctors View and Use Social Media

The specific ways doctors are leveraging social media. Specifically how usage of social media changed from 2019 to 2021, largely due to the pandemic.

Follow Credibility - Episode 3 | The Influence of Society Publications

The value of society journals within medical publishing is paramount among readers, publishers and agencies alike. Here’s what our panel of experts has to say on the topic, and why these journals make for an ideal advertising partner. Watch the latest episode of the Credibility Matters in Medical Publishing series.

Follow Credibility - Episode 2 | Advantages of Peer Review

The peer review process has been around for quite some time, and there is merit to its longstanding role within medical publishing. Watch the latest episode of Credibility Matters in Medical Publishing to see how physicians, media companies and publishers alike value its importance.

Follow Credibility - Episode 1 | Defining Credibility

When it comes to medical publishing, credibility is key. Our new video series Credibility Matters in Medical Publishing addresses a panel of publishing leaders on the importance of identifying the source of information.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 6 | Credibility: The common denominator across all content

With online content, trust is hard to build up and easy to lose. In our new video series, Rethinking Clinical Content, a panel of experts discusses the importance of credibility across all content types.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 5 | The Pharma-HCP Engagement

HCPs are looking for engagement that provides a focused approach, eliminating white noise so HCPs can focus on what matters – patient care.  Our new video series, Rethinking Clinical Content, addresses HCP preferred marketing and communication channels.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 4 | Pharma's Role in HCP Education

Pharma has an important role in supporting the education between HCPs and their patients through providing accessible and digestible information. In our Rethinking Clinical Content video series experts discuss the importance of digital information sharing for both HCPs and their patients.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 3 | The Value of Great Content

Great content drives change and innovation in therapeutic practices. Learn key strategies for delivering great content in our new video series, Rethinking Clinical Content, which discusses the best methods for reaching HCPs.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 2 | The Personalization of Content

Just as patient care is specific to each patient, content should be targeted to segmented audiences, reaching HCPs at the right time and with relevant information. Watch our latest episode from the Rethinking Clinical Content video series on the personalization of content.

Rethinking Clinical Content - Episode 1 | The Expectations of HCPs

HCPs time is at a premium making digitally digestible content, that’s relevant to their practice, more valuable than ever. Listen to our new video series, Rethinking Clinical Content, where experts dive into relevant HCP marketing strategies.