center of excellence

Center of Excellence

A completely customizable microsite, Center of Excellence creates a virtual medical center that allows peer-to-peer collaboration while delivering the latest medical research and opinions from experts in the field.



  • ROS banner ads on the Elsevier network of journal websites
  • Sponsor Center of Excellence media
  • Placement inside specialty area within PracticeUpdate
  • Sponsorship of various PracticeUpdate newsletters



  • Customizable microsite for maximum flexibility
  • Create awareness within latest medical research & opinions from experts
  • Custom multimedia assets & branding -webinars, roundtable discussion, conference coverage, expert-facilitated forums, & more
  • Brand association with robust online resource for improving patient care
  • Valuable brand insights from editorials & user comments
  • Achieve specialty-specific brand awareness
  • Deliverables are dependent on the scope of the program



  • Weekly

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