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Disease & brand awareness

Increase disease state and brand awareness with relevant educational and promotional content

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Drug & brand awareness expansion

Boost your pharmaceutical advertising with educational and promotional content driving increased disease state and brand awareness

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Physician engagement

Improve your HCP advertising strategies with educational and accessible content featuring credible sources

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Brand preference & reputation

Build your credibility with Elsevier advertising solutions utilizing in-depth, value-added content featuring reputable sources

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Elsevier Advertising Solutions Available

Looking for a product portfolio that is relevant to your brand?
Check out what fits best for your needs from our wide array of medical advertising solutions that will help improve your physician engagement and HCP advertising strategies.

Advertising – Digital & Print

Display and sponsorship opportunities offer various ways to strategically showcase your brand.


Leverage the reach of Elsevier’s wide network with classified ads.

Cover Wraps

Multipage, targeted wraparound bands on respected industry journals provides you with premium brand positioning and specific audience reach. 


Give your message greater impact with promotional materials included with medical and specialty journals and prominently displayed through a clear polybag.

Abstract Supplement

With sponsored abstract selections, you harness the ability to further educate your audience and raise awareness of ground-breaking advancements in disease research and drug or product development

Article Service

Raise awareness and educate your audience about pioneering achievements in disease and drug research.

Clinical Guidelines

Physicians turn to clinical guidelines as a reliable source of up-to-date information to support patient care outcomes, synthesize the latest clinical research, reduce practice variation and promote efficient resource usage

Content Licensing

Provide dynamic RSS feeds, APIs, or static content packages of select video or text content from Elsevier with guest access available.

Custom Patient Education

Sponsoring custom patient education allows you to offer clinicians high-quality content to empower their patients, aligning your brand with world-renowned educational resources from Elsevier.

Elsevier Content Selection

HCPs are looking for content from different sources to stay well informed about new medical developments. 

Enhanced Publication

Supplementary content like commentaries and summaries are among the formats considered most important for keeping informed about medical developments.

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Support the dissemination and distribution of reputable, high-impact journal content in under-served regions.

Netter Images

License anatomy images to align your brand with trusted anatomy knowledge made by and for clinicians. 

Poster Services

Reach clinical professionals where they look for society content. Poster services offers sponsorship of Elsevier’s high-quality congress and society content in a visually engaging medium to maximize your brand exposure in a clinical setting.


Leverage distinguished journals to promote your brand to targeted HCP audiences.

Roundtable & KOL Videos

Sponsoring roundtable and key opinion leader (KOL) videos gives your brand an authoritative global platform to connect with HCP audiences. 


Supplement those journals with sponsored issues of Elsevier journals that are published in addition to the standard publication schedule. 

Textbooks & Clinics of North America

Physicians are looking for content in different formats and sources to stay well informed about new medical developments.


Sponsor free access to a live or recorded webinar on a topic directly relevant to the audience and increase your marketing exposure immediately, before, or after the event.


Build trust with your target audience of medical professionals with the most in-depth clinical decision support and foremost medical evidence from trusted sources. 

Complete Anatomy

Interactive content not only engages your audience, but also eases understanding so that your drug or treatment education message sticks. 

CME Marketing

Leverage PracticeUpdate’s opted-in Continuing Medical Education (CME) audience of physicians and gain a captive audience ready to discover something new. CME marketing offers posting, announcement emails and eblast marketing for CME activities when you sponsor a session or forum. 

Conference Coverage

Content includes key industry leader (KOL) videos, expert opinions and conference highlights. Sponsorship can be exclusive or multi-sponsored. 


Align your brand with an eBook platform hosting online health resources. eLibraries, tailored for educators, librarians and students, provide easy access to medical materials on any device, both online and offline. 

Journal Digital Editions

Select and deploy a full color issue of a respected Elsevier journal to your target audience.

The Lancet Clinic

Leverage premier, disease-specific content from The Lancet, the number one source of clinical, public health and global health knowledge among the world’s general and internal medicine journals.

Resource Centers/Hubs

Physicians look for medical content in easily-digestible formats and are increasingly looking to centralized online hubs. 

Sponsored Assets

Promote your brand through video ads, PDF ads or multi-asset landing pages on one of our online journals.

Spotlight On

Educate and engage HCPs with key, sought-after medical and scientific research and treatment information via a regularly-published eNewsletter.

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