Pharma Manager

Brand/Product Manager

You are the guardian of your brand. You drive the strategic development of your brand portfolio and ensure your brand strategy never waivers while simultaneously expanding consumer research and keeping up with customer demand. You endeavor to be a good storyteller, working through the product development process in order to identify your strengths and, thus, market opportunities. Elsevier will help you not only create impactful strategies to capture large swaths of your target market but to win and retain those customers. Strategically position your brand alongside our well-regarded, relevant content and connect with HCPs in an engaging, cost-effective way. Harness the power of Elsevier’s custom solutions! 

Below is a sampling of Elsevier capabilities of interest to brand/product managers. To view our entire list of products and solutions, click here.

eReprints - Journal-branded

Distribute highly engaging, original Elsevier content through a quickly digestible digital format with QR code integration for ease of access. 

Textbook content licensing - Chapter reprints

Increase brand awareness and reach with specialty HCPs through the promotion of high-quality chapter reprint content from over 20,000 Elsevier titles. 

Multicopy Prints

Associate your brand with world-respected publications by sponsoring high-quality reproductions of content from Elsevier or other publishers. 

PracticeUpdate - Journal Scans

Journal Scans are digital journal briefs that provide quickly digestible information in two bullet points. Share authoritative, original content with targeted messaging in a format HCP's prefer.

Video Roundtables

Increase your digital impact through sponsoring expert-led panels that offer their insights on pressing specialty topics, from practice management to the latest research in clinical medicine.

Local Editions

Maximize your brand reach by sponsoring high-quality, educational content curated specifically for targeted local communities. Sponsorship includes a featured full-page ad in a top-cited, credible publication with premium placement on the back cover. 

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