Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare Recruiter

Whether you work for a rural, community-based hospital or for a major metropolitan heathcare system with a multitude of campuses, as a healthcare recruiter you desire to attract and hire superior candidates. At Elsevier, we are a global company, but we are able to think and act locally. And, because we lead the way in science, medicine and health as an information analytics and publishing business, we touch many different factions of employees and their organizations. Though our reach is expansive, we excel at creating niche communications campaigns for our clients. Our print and digital platforms are read by the top talent in medicine, nursing and other healthcare professions. They turn to us not only for cutting-edge medical information but also for advancements in their career. Partner with the Elsevier brand to drive these candidates to explore the opportunities you have to offer and build a recruitment brand with staying power.

Below is a sampling of Elsevier capabilities of interest to healthcare recruiters. To view our entire list of products and solutions, click here.

MyHealthTalent Job Board - eNewsletters

myHealthTalent eNewsletter is a customized email sent to a proprietary list of over 700,000 respected HCPs. Engage specialized audiences of active and passive job seekers with banner ads.

myHealthTalent Job Board - Job Board Ad

Reaching over 1.5 million HCPs in 600+ societies, myHealthTalent operates as an active recruitment job board with an option for prominent job placement through a featured job posting.

Journal - Recruitment Line Ad

Drive new engagement through classified ad placements in a credible publication with a career-specific audience base. 

Journal- Run of Book

Align your brand with expert-generated content through ad placement in an esteemed print journal. Each publication has various size and display options.

Society-Exclusive Career Guide

Recruit from a talented pool of society-specific HCPs, gaining credibility and increased exposure to a concentrated audience of dedicated professionals.

Journal - Banner Ad - Run of Site

Achieve specialty-specific brand awareness with engaged journal readership through Run of Site (ROS) website banner ads. Published ROS banner ads populate across one or many journal websites targeted to a preferred audience.

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