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Physician's are Online...Here's Why

Physicians are Online– Here’s Why

Two global Elsevier surveys about physicians’ use of online resources reveal trends and changes before and after Covid-19. Find out more in our new 2022 white paper

The Critical Role of Reprints

The Critical Role of Reprints

Today's Health care professionals (HCPs) are under tremendous pressure to navigate an evolving healthcare system, manage new challenges in the delivery of care, and respond to a global pandemic. At the same time, HCPs must remain up-to-date on the latest research to ensure they provide the highest quality of care and, ultimately, help improve patient outcomes. For these reasons, HCPs have come to value the credibility and convenience of medical and scientific peer-reviewed articles in reprint format.

The New Era of HCP Engagement

The New Era of HCP Engagement (2021)

Based on a survey of 200+ marketing and medical affairs leaders in pharma and biotech companies, our latest industry trends report (in partnership with Reuters Events Pharma) explores how the accelerating changes and fast emerging trends post-Covid in marketing, commercial and medical affairs are affecting and will continue to affect budget and resource allocation in the near future.

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Credibility Issues

Credibility Issues

Media decision makers know that credibility has long been the cornerstone of medical media. Download this free white paper to see what you should know.

HCP Engagement in the Aftermath of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic may have exposed the limitations of our healthcare system, but it has also presented an unprecedented opportunity for transformation. This informative white paper features discussions on the importance of implementing new technologies and digital strategies, blending remote and in-person interactions to create a new hybrid engagement models, and meeting the evolving digital needs and preferences of HCPs. All punctuated by industry insights and tips on transitioning to a digital-first healthcare company.

Redefined: The Role of Healthcare Companies in HCP Education

Today's HCPs have more pressure and less time than ever before. This is due, in part, to the increasing complexity of patient care and the need to keep up with a rapidly expanding volume of medical information. This white paper provides important insights into the challenges HCPs face, their perceptions of engagement efforts, and the type of content that will inform and not overwhelm.

Rethink Clinical Content

As the demands on HCPs intensify, healthcare companies must rethink their engagement strategies and deliver content that HCPs truly need to support their clinical decisions. That means supplying content that is more educational, less promotional and is easier to access and digest -- because we all have a role in helping to improve patient care and, ultimately, patient outcomes.