Media Buyer

Medical Affairs Professional

As the medical face of (bio)pharmaceutical companies, responsible for educating stakeholders on health science matters as well as patient outcomes and conduits of care, you also support regulatory affairs, sales and marketing. Provide that value and solve those complex problems through Elsevier’s highly-regarded collection of evidence-based literature, peer-reviewed scientific content and other communication vehicles. Our multimedia solutions exist within various adept channels so you can deliver that important messaging between your organization and your targeted HCPs, other medical and business professionals and patients.

Below is a sampling of Elsevier capabilities of interest to medical affairs professionals. To view our entire list of products and solutions, click here.

eReprints - Journal-branded

Distribute highly engaging, original Elsevier content through a quickly digestible digital format with QR code integration for ease of access. 

Multicopy Prints

Associate your brand with world-respected publications by sponsoring high-quality reproductions of content from Elsevier or other publishers. 

Editorial Supplement - Journal Supplement

Generate new leads by advertising in a journal supplement. Published as a separate issue, supplements align with the journal's scope, are peer-reviewed, and deliver high quality content targeted to a specific audience.  

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