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Elsevier’s integrated Pharma Solutions team enables life sciences, medical device and pharmaceutical brands to develop comprehensive, multi-platform strategies and action plans to craft the right message that will resonate with your target audiences. The Elsevier reputation and our solid society affiliations back that message with credibility and assure impactful reach.


Utilize our journals and websites for niche advertising solutions.


Connect with the appropriate life sciences and healthcare professionals in their medium of choice.


Deliver not only impressions, but engagement with influential decision makers and active society members.

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Provide global solutions that rise to your unique needs.

The Elsevier Journey

The Elsevier Journey

Since Elsevier was founded as a small Dutch publisher in 1880, the world and the way we share information have been subject to constant change. In our journey to become a modern-day global information analytics business, Elsevier always has anticipated and adapted itself to the challenges ahead. In doing so, however, we have remained true to our core values. Whether it be through the publication of an encyclopedia or by assisting scientists to make important decisions, Elsevier’s purpose is to play an integral role in the progression of knowledge.

Elsevier’s history reflects a series of collaborations in the effort to advance science and health. These publishing collaborations with a group of scientific visionaries – ranging from Jules Verne to Stephen W. Hawking – created the foundation of scientific and medical publishing and made Elsevier a trusted source for insightful information.

Serving the global research community, Elsevier published more than 560,000 peer-reviewed articles in 2020 — 90% more than a decade ago. With a growing and sought-after research and health journal base, Elsevier supports informed decision-making and guides next steps. Elsevier’s portfolio of 2,650 journals is managed by more than 24,000 editors, and many of those journals are the foremost publications in their field. This makes Elsevier the go-to for readers seeking authoritative content and the place advertisers need to be.

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