Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy

Seizure is published in association with Epilepsy Action and focuses on both clinical and scientific investigation of epilepsy disorders.
Seizure - European Journal of Epilepsy is an international journal providing a forum for the publication of papers on all topics related to epilepsy and seizure disorders. These topics include the basic sciences related to the condition itself, the differential diagnosis, natural history and epidemiology of seizures, and the investigation and practical management of epilepsy (including drug treatment, neurosurgery and non-medical and behavioural treatments).
The journal also reflects the social and psychological burden and impact of epilepsy on the person who has it, his family and society, and the methods and ideas that may help to alleviate such handicaps and stigma as the condition may cause. The aim of the journal is to share and disseminate knowledge between all disciplines that work in the field of epilepsy.
Seizure is covered by: Index Medicus; Medline on Medlars; Research Alert; Neuroscience Citation List; Psychological Abstracts and EMBASE; Excerpta Medica and Scopus.

Editor in Chief: Dr. M.Reuber, MD PhD FRCP , Academic Neurology Unit, University of Sheffield, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2JF, UK
Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy
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