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Brand/Product Manager

Tell your story. Increase engagement from HCPs and build brand loyalty throughout your product’s entire life cycle.

Healthcare Recruiter

Recruiting healthcare specialists requires industry expertise. Align your hiring needs with the most trusted name in medical publishing and narrow down your candidates to the best of the best.

Life Sciences Marketer

Affiliate your biotech or lab equipment brand with high-impact research and insights, and curate a stronger connection with your target audience of senior scientists and researchers.

Media Planner

Time is short but you need to deliver timely, unique strategies and results to your client. Reach your promotional objectives quickly with Elsevier’s diverse media mix.  

Medical Affairs Professional

Your accountability looms large. Disseminate scientific information in an effective manner to satisfy stakeholders and advance patient care.

The Doctor Will See You Now

Right Place. Right Time. Right Now

It's your turn to be seen where doctors go to seek credible information. With more touchpoints driving engagement, your visibility can accelerate brand adoption, and positively impact human health.


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Credibility is Key

Research shows that 69% of physicians are more likely to notice ads and take action when those ads are associated with reliable, credible content.

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Rethinking Clinical Content

Today’s HCPs need trusted, accessible and digestible information that not just educates, but also provides the specific medical subject matter they deem vital.

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