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Tips to Integrate Video into Your Pharma Branding Strategy

Video marketing can be a powerful strategy for engaging customers, especially in medicine. Healthcare professionals (HCP) are increasingly viewing videos to gain industry-related information and to learn about new therapies. In fact, 38% of physicians said they regularly view videos and subscribe…
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Three Ways to Provide Patient-Centered Pharma Marketing

The patient experience has grown increasingly vital in pharma marketing to healthcare professionals (HCP). Typically, the relationship between pharma and patients was secondary to pharma’s relationship with HCPs, however, both providers and consumers now expect pharma companies to include the…

Six Tips for Creating an Engaging Webinar

Webinars have become popular among healthcare marketers. Hosting webinars helps to engage your audience and distribute helpful information to healthcare professionals (HCP). Here are six key tips for creating an engaging webinar that establishes your authority and brings in more qualified leads to…
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Why Brand Purpose is Critical to Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Your brand is more than logos, colors and a name. It is the value that your customers perceive and what sets your medical device apart from the competition, and every successful brand strategy requires a brand purpose. A brand purpose is the reason why the product exists. While this can be…
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Five Medical Device Marketing Trends

Building market presence in the medical device space can be challenging. With so many brands offering innovative solutions, standing out means leaning into marketing trends that are working for others in your industry. Here are some of the top marketing trends that can help you increase brand…
medical device marketing, medical technology marketing

Medical Device Marketing in a Saturated Market: Four Winning Tactics

Competition is fierce in the medical device marketplace. So much so, that some specialties are becoming saturated with offerings. Given that, it is more important than ever to build a targeted, multi-layered strategy to connect with your audience.   Follow these four essential steps to help stand…
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How the Digital Front Door is Shifting Pharma Marketing Strategies

The shift to digital healthcare has broadly impacted the medical industry. While healthcare institutions are employing technology to improve the patient experience, pharma marketers need to adjust tactics to provide value to providers and patients alike. This is what you need to know about the…
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Create an Omnichannel Marketing Experience That Works

An omnichannel marketing strategy effectively elevates HCP engagement, but some pharma and medical technology marketers struggle with launching an effective strategy. Brand managers have begun using channels beyond traditional in-person interactions and print media but accelerating digital…

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