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How the Digital Front Door is Shifting Pharma Marketing Strategies

May 4, 2023
The shift to digital healthcare has broadly impacted the medical industry. While healthcare institutions are employing technology to improve the patient experience, pharma marketers need to adjust tactics to provide value to providers and patients alike. This is what you need to know about the…
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Create an Omnichannel Marketing Experience That Works

October 3, 2022
An omnichannel marketing strategy effectively elevates HCP engagement, but some pharma and medical technology marketers struggle with launching an effective strategy. Brand managers have begun using channels beyond traditional in-person interactions and print media but accelerating digital…
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How Customer Data Platforms Can Transform MedTech Marketing

September 16, 2022
A customer data platform (CDP) is a data collection system that brings customer data together from various online sources. A CDP takes the data, “normalizes” it and presents the data as a unique profile for each buyer. As marketing becomes more personalized, and more data about customers is shared…
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How to Leverage Big Data in Pharma Marketing

September 14, 2022
Data is nothing new to pharmaceutical brands. They have long used empirical data to find critical patterns, test out theories and determine treatment efficacy. As technology progresses, pharma can now harness data in new and exciting ways to provide more value to customers. Big data holds…